Pet Identification

Providing proper identification for you pet is essential. No matter if your dog is in a fenced-in yard or your cat is an indoor cat, there is always the potential for them to get loose and become lost. The chances of having your pet returned to you are greatly increased if your pet has the right identification. There are several different methods for providing your pet with proper identification.

nce of the simplest forms of identification is a dog or cat tag. This can be a personalized tag, but often times a municipal license tag or even a rabies tag can serve the same purpose. If you opt for the personalized tag, at the very least you should have your pet’s name and your telephone number listed on it. I.D. tags are relatively inexpensive, quick and easy, but they are not foolproof. By being attached to your pet’s collar, there is always the potential that the tag or the collar can become unattached and lost. Municipal license tags and rabies tags are not ideal because this information goes through city hall or your veterinarian. That means that your pet can be identified according to their hours or, if you’re out of town, may be all the more difficult.

Article from Best Friends Pet Care