You Can Now Book a Room in a Hotel that Offers Puppy Cuddles on Demand

Travelers who miss their furry companions while on the road can now book a puppy cuddle on demand.

The Hotel Nikko San Francisco has appointed a “Canine Operating Officer” in charge of visiting guests and dispensing dog kisses.

Upon check-in, guests will find a stuffed animal dog and a notecard on their beds. The notecard informs guests that it will be $29 to take the stuffed animal home (purchases benefit a local animal shelter) — or they can dial the operator and book a “meet and greet” with the real thing.

Buster Posey Presutti has been the Hotel Nikko’s Canine Operating Officer since 2015. As part of his official duties, Buster meets and plays with guests at the hotel. An official meeting takes place on the outdoor patio, where guests can sit on a couch and cuddle with Buster. He’s a therapy dog, so visits are basically guaranteed to improve your vacation.

Buster will also play with any traveling dogs who need extra canine company.

He may even make special appearances at the front desk and welcome guests at check-in.

Article from People

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