Pet Corner

Pet Corner


Pamper Your Pet

Special Treats

There's no better way to treat your pet than with actual treats! Pick up some extra treats to surprise them or make them yourself with a recipe from SCRAPS. Even a simple can of tuna will please your feline friend.


New Bed

If there's one thing our pets do better than us, it's nap. Upgrade your pet’s bed with extra features, like memory foam padding, or give their current bed a wash to make it like new.


Interactive play

Spend a little extra time playing with your pet to show them how special they are. Take your dog outside for a game of fetch, tie some feathers to the end of a string for your cat, or do whatever you know your pet loves. After all, you know your pet best.


The Art of Massage

Everybody loves a massage and our pets are no exception. SCRAPS has massage tips for your pet online and at our Information Kiosk.


A Photography Session.

Buy a special frame and get out your camera. Pets are fun (but often challenging) to photograph. SCRAPS has tips for taking a good photo online or at our Information Kiosk.


Video Catnip

Entice your indoor feline with a video of twittering birds, chipmunks and other small animals in a backyard setting. You can purchase an already made DVD or create your own. It's the best thing on TV.


Take Playtime to the Next Level

Cats in the wild love jumping from limb to limb, and cats at home are no different. Create an active cat wonderland by providing platforms at varying heights for them to pounce or lay on.


Old Dogs ... New Tricks.

You can teach your old dog new tricks. Dogs are never too old to learn. Spice up your routine with some training and spend some quality time together. With time and patience older dogs can be taught to do anything that a young dog can.


Create Office Space

Sometimes you’re just too busy to put life or work on hold to treat your pet to a long walk or an hour of playtime. But instead of banishing him or her to another room, create a puppy space next to your desk or where you work from home. Lay a bed, water, toys and bones next to your seat and allow your dog to “work” with you.


Get Down on Her (Or His) Level

When you get home from a long day, your first inclination is to sit on your sofa and mellow out. Your pet, though, has missed you. So instead of sitting on the couch, move to the floor and play or cuddle. Toss

him the ball (gently) around your living room. Or let her curl up in your lap.


Toy Story

Take an inventory of your pet’s toys. If you see a lot of beat up, worn-out toys, it may be time to upgrade.

While Fido may adore his 5-year-old squeaky porcupine, chances are he’ll also love accompanying you to your local pet store and picking out a few new ones. And if your cat has managed to knock every catnip mouse into the unreachable nooks and crannies of your apartment, he or she would probably appreciate a restock.


Play Date

Just as a human’s mood and happiness can benefit from regular social interaction, your pets can, too. So make sure your dog spends an adequate amount of time at the SCRAPS Laughing Dog Park at Stateline to play and meet new friends. If your cat or dog is friendly and gets along with other animals, schedule play dates with a friend or neighbor who also has a four-legged friend.

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