Rescue Cat Has Hilarious Wide-Eyed Expression After Scan Confirms She Is Pr

The Dyrenes Venner animal shelter in Nuuk, Greenland, shared the amusing photographs to Facebook last week. They are now going viral on Reddit.

Ulla was brought to the shelter in mid-April after being found living alone on the streets, reports The Dodo. She’d previously been in the organization’s care as a tiny kitten.

Last week, staff spotted she was putting on weight and booked her in for a veterinarian checkup. “It was pretty amazing,” shelter board member Tone Frank told TODAY. “I’ve never seen a cat get an ultrasound. We saw little kittens in her tummy.”

The shelter did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment. But according to TODAY, Ulla has since been adopted by a family and is waiting to give birth any day now.

Article from Huffington Post

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