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Shock Collar Question - March 30

Got Coffee?

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Previously on the Shock Collar Question of the day we pitted the sexes against each other (Brooke & Alexis… against… Jeff & Jose) in a BOYS vs GIRLS edition of Cap or No Cap. 

And while the ladies DID take the win in overtime… Afterwards, we received a report from the Cap or No Cap Commissioners office… It reads as follows:

“Due to an illegal chair-height infraction by one member of the Ladies team (specifically Brooke), we have no choice but to wipe that game off the record books - and the victory has been abdicated by the league… In order to avoid further infractions, Brooke’s chair must be set to the lowest possible available setting - including for this next game. 

Signed, commissioner… Arlo Fox.”

Well BROOKE’S MOM has spoken… So looks like we’re all tied up again & ready to go for another…. "First Time Ever” (for the Second Time Ever) game of CAP or NO CAP.

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