All the Easter Eggs In Olivia Rodrigo's New Track 'Good 4 U'

Credit: SNL

On Friday, Olivia Rodrigo dropped her song “good 4 u” ahead of her SNL performance and we can't get enough. Everyone was posting about it this weekend from Sophie Turner to Lucy Hale sharing things like “I know I’m in my 30’s but this hits."

The song is basically if Taylor Swift met Paramore.

But the easter egg she gave us in her music video is one we truly are not worthy of.

I’ll break it down:

Olivia wears a cheerleading outfit in the video that resembles that from Mandy Moore’s character in The Princess Diaries. When you Google the name of Mandy Moore’s loser guy from the movie his name is Josh Bryant.

(For those that don’t know the guy everyone believes Olivia's songs are about is HSMTMTS co-star Joshua Bassett.)

So J.B. / J.B. I think that is confirmation enough this song is indeed about him...

And honestly, I live for these deep-rooted easter eggs it really just shows the fans how much you care.