Pabst Blue Ribbon may be a thing of the past!?!?

 In a new lawsuit, the Pabst Blue Ribbon Company alleges MillerCoors is attempting to put them out of business, TIME reports. They've taken the beer giant to court over fears they might soon be extinct.


According to court documents, MillerCoors is seemingly planning to end a longstanding partnership between the two brands in which MillerCoors packages and produces almost all of PBR's products.

MillerCoors says they don't have the means to continue producing the 4-to-4.5 million barrels PBR requires annually and that PBR isn't paying them enough to warrant continuation of the deal. PBR's camp has said MillerCoors is lying about their brewing capacity and could easily continue helping them regardless. Either way, PBR claims they are entirely dependent on MillerCoors for production and won't be able to survive without them.

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